Process + Team

I can and usually do handle every part of the process within my internal team, except for the programming. (It’s my belief that if you are a good programmer, code needs to be your exclusive focus.) Working with my group of trusted programmers (many of whom I’ve worked with for more than eight years) allows me to focus on all other parts of the process. This includes: wireframing, project management, design, template building, site build, site launch, marketing, social media, search engine optimization and copyediting.

My model is that of a virtual company—I pull in whomever I need for the project’s needs so I don’t carry the overhead for jobs that don’t demand it. I have two assistants who help me manage projects and build sites. And I have specialists whom I contract with in search engine optimization, Google Adwords, marketing, and more. Meet them below.

Shawn Hazen
Passionate about design, Shawn founded Hazen Creative to offer his unique perspective to a broad range of clients after working for companies such as MetaDesign, Chronicle Books, Dwell Magazine, Apple Computer, and Remedy. In case it isn’t obvious, Shawn is my husband. His talents pick up where mine leave off—he frequently contributes graphic design and logos to my projects.

Shawn’s work has been featured in Communication Arts, Print, How, and I.D. magazines. He has also received recognition from the National Magazine Awards, the Western Art Directors Club, the Ozzie Awards, the Society of Publication Designers, the Type Director’s Club, the One Show, and the American Center for Design. In addition, he has been featured in the following books: LogoLounge 3, LogoLounge 4, LogoLounge 5, LogoLounge 6, LogoLounge Master Series, Art for Obama, Magazine Designs That Work, Powerful Page Design, Website Graphics Now, Cool Sites, and Graphis Web Design Now.

Nicole Smiley
Nicole is a designer located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She has a BFA in Graphic Design, a minor in illustration and 4 years of agency and freelance experience. She specializes in brand development, logo design, printed collateral, publications, illustration, project management, and have even copywriting. Past clients include: Baxter Heathcare Corporation, Microsoft Technology Centers, Time Warner Cable, IMC Financial Markets, and the Executives’ Club of Chicago.

Matt Cannon
Matt has more than 10 years design experience in corporate, agency, and freelance design. He’s worked on nationwide and international marketing, advertising, product launch and image campaigns for global brands, startups and a wide range of mid-size businesses. He’s exceptionally gifted when it comes branding, providing creative an affordable options whether you are looking for a refresh or a entirely new approach.

Kyrstin Hensley
Kyrstin is a graphic designer holding a BA in Graphic Design from Columbia College Chicago. She has worked with a variety of small businesses since 2018 designing branded assets varying from logos to social media graphics. She is passionate about working with clients to create designs that communicate their vision and mission.

Kay Smoljak
Kay Smoljak is an email marketing specialist. Originally from Australia, she co-founded award-winning web development agency Clever Starfish before moving to Berlin, Germany to start Zingry, a new venture focused on email. Unlike 99% of the population, she enjoys making sure that your email campaigns look great in all 7,426 different versions of Outlook.

Marion Relationship Marketing
I believe that in order to deliver effective search engine optimization, it needs to be your exclusive focus. While my team and I can set up the foundation for efficient search engine indexing, I partner with the team at Marion Relationship Marketing to meet specific ranking and keyword goals. The targets continually shift with search engine marketing, and I highly recommend this team to help clients develop a strategy that prioritizes consistent ranking for their sites.

Scott Seifert
My personal weakness anything related to IT needs—specifically email. This is where Scott comes in. He works remotely with my clients (and often, me!) to set up new email, troubleshoot existing email problems, or help with computer-related issues. He has experience with OSX, database work, DNS, and more.