Project Profiler

    Every proposal I write is focused on the specific goals and parameters of that individual project. Following is a list of common questions that help me divine the scope of a particular project. If a particular field is not applicable, please feel free to leave it blank. You can expect to hear from me within two business days.



    When would you like the site to launch?

    Which of the following elements would you like to incorporate into your site?

    Choose three words that describe you or your company and how you wish for it to be perceived in the marketplace.

    From the above, what one thing makes you stand out from competitors?

    Describe your target audience.

    Please choose two (and only two!) of the highest priorities for this project


    If you are looking for a brand-new site, you can skip this section.

    What is your primary goal for this redesign?

    Are you looking for a new logo and branding?

    What do you feel is successful about your current site, and why?

    What do you find unsuccessful about your current site, and why?

    Please estimate how many pages your existing site has.


    Please share your specific project goals for this site.

    Will this project follow an existing look/feel?

    Any existing technical requirements for this project? For instance, software integration?

    How would you describe the look you’re going for? (select no more than two)

    Describe your team. Who will have input on the project? Who makes the final decisions?

    List two or three other sites you like, and tell me why. (They don’t have to be part of the same industry.)

    May I ask how you found me?