Maintenance Plans

It’s crucial to keep WordPress site software updated regularly, ideally as soon as updates are available. The most important reason is for security. More than 40% of all sites are built in WordPress, making WordPress a target for hackers. Updates also include bug fixes, introduce new features and improve overall performance.

Periodic WordPress Updates

Whenever WordPress introduces a major software update (usually four – five times a year), I email everyone on my WordPress list and let them know that there is a new release and that they should update their site software. Much like an oil change, this is a good time for me to spot-check a site and make sure that everything looks good “under the hood.” For example, it might be time to update a site’s PHP or I might see that a particular plugin is not functioning correctly.

Updates and site audit: $100 flat fee

Monthly WordPress Maintenance Plan

If you have a large site with a lot of traffic, your site has a lot of plugins, or you simply don’t want to have to worry about staying up on updates, I offer a maintenance plan.

Pricing: $75/monthly or $800/year ($100 savings) and includes:

  • Installation of Wordfence to detect problems. (Alerts are sent to me.)
  • Updates of problematic plugins within 24 hours.
  • Monthly manual site review to assess potential issues.
  • Schedule malware scans.
  • Daily site backups.
  • WordPress updates within 48 hours of each release. (Includes major and incremental updates.)

Add Ons

  • Firewall configuration (requires Wordfence premium subscription at $119/year): $100
  • Cookie consent plugin installation and configuration: $100
  • Technical support as needed: $125/hour
  • Additional manual monthly site review: $25 per review per month

The Fine Print

Service does not guarantee that your site will be immune to hacking. Keeping your site software updated and your site regularly scanned provides and excellent line of defense against attacks, but nothing is foolproof. We’re happy to help with site restoration and recovery after malware infection. Price will be quoted upon review.