About Lisa

The common thread to my career has been publishing. I’ve written two books, worked for two different publishing companies, held the title of Assistant Editor, Senior Editor, Editor, Web Site Manager, Web Director, and now owner of a business in my name.

What I learned from my years in publishing informs my design work. I learned about typos and type, deadlines and storytelling. When I started my career 17 years ago, the Web was novel and new—now it is a necessity. When I started, I was coding my own HTML. I now favor WordPress, Squarespace, and Shopify and hire programmers to handle coding. With the help of my team, I take on pretty much everything else, though, including wireframing, design, site build, launch, social media, search engine optimization, online marketing, and more.

But it’s been working for myself that has exceeded my expectations. I’ve scored some fantastic clients, including best-selling author Sara Paretsky, Oscar-winning musicians The Swell Season, ASH + AMES, Wildcat Golf Academy, actress Julia Sweeney and dozens more.

I’m always looking for new, exciting work to do. I could sit here and tell you how great I am to work with, my reliability, creativity, and efficiency, but I figured I’d let my clients do that.