A friend once asked me, “Doing Web design must be tough. I mean, you have to sit behind a computer all day.”

When I thought about it, I realized this is what I would be doing anyway. I love it. I love seeing the democracy of information online (admittedly, much of it is crap, but it’s nice to see what turns up), witness news as it’s breaking, and experiment with the different things the medium can produce.

I choose to do everything from my food shopping to my banking to listen to the radio online. I don’t keep photo albums anymore, I just post them all online. I write and read blogs, and usually prefer email to phone calls, and I even watch TV shows I’ve downloaded on my iPad while at the gym.

Just because I would be doing Web design even if I wasn’t getting paid for it doesn’t mean that I do it for free. But it does mean that I will love doing it, which means my clients get work that is inspired, creative, meticulous, and clean. I work from home with NPR piped in through my computer.

In September 2015, I moved from Chicago to Bellevue, Washington with my creative genius husband, precocious fourth-grader, indomitable first-grader and mangy mutt. I do break away from the computer screen sometimes and when I do, it usually has nothing to do with computers.

I love being outdoors, hiking, yogacooking, reading and watching really lousy television. Teaching spinning for four years in Chicago left me with an age-inappropriate appreciation for pop music, so let me know if you want me to take your child to see a Taylor Swift concert.